A vitamin and mineral supplement for treatment of nutritional disorder in livestock.

Guaranteed Analysis

Vitamin A250,000 U.I
Vitamin D90,000 U.I
Vitamin E65,000 U.I
Vitamin B12300mg
Vitamin B54000mg

Features and Benefits

  • All purpose general multivitamin for treatment of nutritional disorders in livestock.
  • Prevention of minerals and vitamin deficiency.
  • Providing extra vitamins and trace elements to enhance growth.
  • Accerating convalescence.
  • Increase resistance to diseases.
  • Stimulation of appetite during stress period.
  • Optimum production of eggs, milk and meat.

Recommended Usage

  • Cattle 20gm per day in feed.
  • Calves/Goats 20gm perr day in feed.
  • Pig 10gm per day in feed.
  • Poultry 70gm per 70kg of feed. For severe cases give atleast 3-5 consecutive days.